Tanologist Tan – Review

For a long time I never understood the hype of fake tan. All of my friends would spend hours perfecting their tan before a night out while I sat watching TV in my pyjamas with hours to kill. Last summer my Mum picked up a bottle of Bondi Sands 1 hour express tan for our holidays which sat in the cupboard unused until November. Before the festive season my curiosity got the better of me and the time had come for me – a pasty, red head – to try fake tan. After using it once I completely understood why everyone loves to be tanned and glowy.

Whilst I liked the Bondi Sands, it wasn’t my favourite and a new tan on the market had caught my attention of Instagram. This brand was Tanologist created by Lottie Tomlinson, a fellow blogger and. makeup artist.

Tanologist has a range of products including Gradual Tan, Tanning Drops, Tanning Mousse and tanning primer/eraser. I picked up the Tanning Water in Light which claims to be streak free and odourless as well as being a completely transparent liquid. The formula is designed in a way which allows you to control the darkness of your tan dependent on time, with 1 hour being the lightest and 4 hours being the darkest shade and everything in-between.

The formula is what drew me into this product as there is plenty of photographic evidence of streaky tans and horror stories of girls ending up 10 times darker than they wished to be. Since I’m a naturally a fair skinned girl I don’t want anything to drastic or end up matching my skin to the colour of my hair so having control of how dark I want to be eases my mind!

I prepped my skin by taking a bath and using the Avon Moroccan Bath and Shower Oil to moisturise my skin. This allowed me to shave and cleanse my skin ready for tan to be applied whilst moisturising my skin to prevent the tan clinging to dry areas. Using the oil allowed me to cut a step out of my usual routine of getting out the bath then slathering on moisturiser and waiting for it to soak in.

The bottle of Tanning water comes with a spray pump which makes application super quick and easy. Following the directions on the bottle I then used a tanning kit to rub in the water all over my skin in big circular motions. Compared to may usual tanning routine this took half the time which I was really impressed by. It was so quick I questioned whether I had applied it correctly. Whilst applying there wasn’t a distinct tan smell or fragrance to water which I was impressed with since I always make fun of my friends for smelling like beef hula hoops.

I didn’t know how long I was going to keep it on for but ended up leaving it on for the full 4 hours which left me with a subtle yet glowy and natural tan. Towards the end of the 4 hours there was a little bit of an odour to the tan however it was very weak compared to other tans I have used in the past. Since many tans claim to be streak free I was really intrigued to see if Tanologist actually lived up to what they are promoting to their customers and I can 100% say that I have no streaks on my body whatsoever, I don’t even have the darker knees, elbows and ankles which normally comes with tanning.

Before and After
Although subtle that is exactly what I wanted for my fair skin. Honestly this before photo doesn’t show my true pastiness! If you want to be darker there are the medium and dark ranges.

Overall so far in my tanning journey the Tanologist Tanning Water is my favourite so far. It left me with an all over even tan and streak free. Its safe to say this will be one of my go-to’s whenever I am wanting a tan.

You can purchase Tanologist directing through their own website or at Superdrug.


9 thoughts on “Tanologist Tan – Review

  1. Great review! I recently tried a tanning water as well from the brand ModelCo, and I was so amazed! It seems as though tanning water is the way to go these days, its sooooo much easier to use, there’s no mess and it leaves you with such a nice and natural glowy tan!

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  2. Great review, I really want to try this! I’ve never used proper tan before because I’m scared that it will stain my sheets or clothing, I’m currently just using a dove gradual tanning moisturiser which is actually pretty good 🙂

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  3. Great review! I was always a little reluctant to use fake tan as I never saw the intrigue. However, last year I tried out Rimmel’s fake tan and I loved how healthy it made me look – so I may give this a try!

    Jess xx

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