Would You Rather? – Challenge

The lovely Millie from msblife.home.blog tagged me to do the Would You Rather challenge that has been going around the blogosphere!

Reading these posts have allowed me to get to know bloggers I follow online a little better. Hopefully by the end of this post you will all know a little more about me!

So without further or do here are my answers:

1: Would your rather be confined to reading a book, or your phone?

Although I love a good book when I read one I become addicted to it very quickly – but not in a good way. When reading a book I am so eager and determined to find out what happens next and to finish it, I might as well be in space away from any human being or distraction. My productivity dramatically decreases when reading as it consumes my life. Maybe if I ever train myself to stop being book greedy I would read a lot more. My life quite literally comes to a halt whilst reading so I’d have to say my phone as it would still allow me to socialise and write blog posts.

2: Would you rather only be able to listen to one album, or never be able to choose what you listen to again?

This question is a tough one as I love all sorts of different music and the thought of only listening to one album or potentially not being able to listen to my favourite artists is saddening. I think I’m going to have to go with the second option of never being able to choose what I listen to as at least there would hopefully be some variety of genres and songs since I listen to a mixture currently. Honestly my music taste is all over the place, one day I’ll be jamming out songs from musicals and the next I’ll be listening to hip hop.

3: Would you rather be able to run and never get tired – but not be able to swim, or just be mediocre at both?

As a child and early teen I was a competitive swimmer making it to regional and national competitions. Even though I am no longer with a club or compete swimming is a hobby and passion I could never stop. Living up to my Aquarius sign I feel at my calmest and freest in the water it’s my safe place where I can vent and think. Despite being super fit in my swimming days I have always struggled with running and was always something I wanted to improve having a balance of both would be the best option for me.

4: Would you rather only be able to complete one game (and when you did you could never play another), or be able to play lots of games but never finish them?

Quite honestly I have never had much interest in games, even on my phone I think there are only 2/3 games that my boyfriend downloaded to entertain him. I played on things such as the Wii and Nintendo DS’ when I was younger with my brother but I think that was heavily down to wanting to be the same as him and the competitiveness between us. Saying that I still like to partake in games at Christmas or occasions for the social side so since I’m not too fussed I’d happily play games but never finish them.

Courtesy of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74nypW5fVDI Pass the Pigs is my favourite game to play with family

5: Would you rather have an incredible understanding of the past, or a clear view of the future?

Compared to the past I am more worried and focused about what the future holds. You can never go back and relive the past no matter how much you want to so moving on to bigger and better things helps you not to dwell. In my life I’ve accepted I won’t know every detail of my past and why it panned out the way it did so being able to prepare and know what was in store for me in the future would definitely ease a lot of anxiety. Even if my view of the future showed a lot of pain and suffering to come at least I’d have more time to come to terms with it and live the best life I could.

6: Would you rather live in the city or the countryside?

When I was younger I dreamed of the idea of living in a big city such a London or New York but as I grew older I realised the daily hustle and bustle of a city would be too overwhelming for me. I love being close to the coast and having to walk to my local shops. As much as I love cities when I visit I don’t think I could live in one full time, I like having peaceful surroundings far too much.

Beaches are my favourite to visit any time of year.

7: Would you rather meet your ‘idol’ in person and never be able to speak or consume their media ever again, or your ‘idol’ not know who you are but you are free to consume as you like?

If you had asked me this when I was 13 the first option would’ve won hands down. In my early teens I was a huge fan girl for bands and singers, often waiting outside hotels and venues with the hope of getting to meet them or even just a glance in my direction. However now, I would say the second of my idol not knowing who I was but still being able to consume their media as there’s a possibility of meeting your idol and them being the complete opposite of what you hoped. I know from my 13 year old experiences that people are a lot different in the mainstream media then they are in person. I’d rather be naive to how they are in reality but still be able to find happiness from their media/content.

8: Would you rather be forced to laugh or cry, at everything?

This is an easy question for me as I am a person who no matter how much I want to cry, I don’t, especially in public. Aside from my boyfriend and mum, who probably think I cry all the time, no one else in my life gets to see my cry all too often. Being upset is not something I accept that well, I would much rather force myself to laugh than cry. For some reason I always like to appear strong and fearless to others even though I definitely am not. In the last couple of years I have softened slightly however I still hope to become better with letting people see the softer side of me.

9: Would you rather enjoy the taste of everything but be colour-blind, or see the world in the highest definition but not be able to taste?

Now this question is difficult! Food to me is not something that I need to survive but a hobby. Sometimes it feels like my life revolves around food as I’m constantly thinking what to have for meals and what new things I can cook. Trying out and tasting new things is a passion of mine which probably comes from working in hospitality and restaurants in the past. Although my love for food is never ending so is my love for being able to appreciate the wonders that this earth creates. Some of the natural and man made sights are breathtaking and just wouldn’t be the same not in colour. Saying this, I don’t get to experience these everyday of my life but food is something the differs every meal. I would rather enjoy the taste of everything.

The lightest soufflé I have ever tried from my trip to Thailand last year!

10: Both options coming with their natural benefits and downfalls, would you rather have to exercise for 1 hour every day, or never be able to exercise again?

In the last year I have got myself into a good exercise routine which has really benefited me in terms of physical strength as well as mentally. Cutting this out would have a detrimental effect on my wellbeing. Exercising has so many forms that an hour a day could just be going for a walk or it could be a full body gym session which leaves you aching for days. Now I know how positively exercise has benefitted my life I couldn’t possibly give it up.

Thank you for reading, I hope you now all know a bit more about how my weird mind operates. Thank you again to Millie for tagging me it was a great challenge and really made me think.

Here are my questions:

  1. Would you rather give up driving and cycle everyday or drive but can only do 20mph everywhere?
  2. Would you rather always have to eat strict clean healthy meals all of the time but never look healthy and fit or would you rather eat takeaways for every meal and look healthy and fit?
  3. Would you rather never travel but be extremely wealthy or travel the world with a very restricted budget, only ever being able to afford the minimum?
  4. Would you rather achieve all of your goals in one year but never get any recognition for them or never achieve any goals but are hugely remembered for your work when you die?
  5. Would you rather delete all social media and keep only your blog or delete your blog and only connect through other social media?
  6. Would you rather only be able to communicate through your phone (excluding physically talking on the phone) or never be able to communicate through text/email/letters and only being able to talk verbally on the phone or in person?
  7. Would you rather no one you knew personally know about your blog but not be successful or being well known and judged for having a blog but be successful?
  8. Would you rather have to wear formal clothes everyday or wear pyjamas everyday? (Both whilst everyone else is wearing normal clothes)
  9. Would you rather speak out on important issues that mattered to you but receive backlash or never speak of issues that you felt strongly about to keep a positive image?
  10. Would you rather only ever read mainstream media such as the newspaper or only ever read social media for news updates?

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