About Ellie’s Life

Many teenagers and young adults experience the same things throughout growing up whether they are significant or insignificant yet most of the time how this affects us isn’t spoken about. I’ve created this blog as a safe space for me to talk about everything I’m feeling or just anything I want to share, whether it be how to cope with new grown up responsibilities or if I’ve found a new face mask which controls my teenage spots. I want to talk about all topics that are a part of young adulthood which are heavily relatable. Some topics may not be relatable to every reader but I hope this blog will be a place where any young person can find at least one thing they are interested in or curious about.

Blogging is something that has intrigued me for a long time however I could never think of a topic I was passionate about and had enough knowledge on to continuously create good content but now, I have realised there is nothing I know more about than myself and how I think.